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Triceps Netherlands

Triceps: Developing talents, improving business

Triceps helps you achieve your goals. Thanks to our matching and coaching, you as a senior executive will switch to the next gear. At which management table do you really come to fruition? Or are you already at the right table and want to increase your effectiveness and creativity with support? With attention and strategic insight, Triceps gets you moving, both as human and as professional.

Triceps Chief on Demand - The right business experience.

We go from possession to use everywhere. From now on, this also works for Business Teams. By having access to the right expertise when needed. From “on the payroll” to “on demand.” Well, the skill, the revenue and the loyalty, not the fixed costs! You can expect that from a Chief on Demand.

Triceps International Business Development - Opening up new markets.

Marketplaces are becoming global therefore expanding into a new market can be an effective way to leverage your core business for growth. But it takes a disciplined process to accurately assess the potential of each growth opportunity, a bad bet can bog down your business. With our Triceps office in Dubai we have created an unique opportunity for organisations who consider extending their business from the Netherlands into Middle East, Africa and Asia. We truly believe that the opportunity for going global should be available for every organisation no matter their size.


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