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The key elements for success include having an open mindset, entrepreneurial behavior, patience, relationship focused, creativity, and a consistent approach to the opportunity.


Building upon our strengths of expertise, experience and synergy and using it as an inspirational spring board to continue with our mission of providing custom-made mixes to the modern day business challenges to our partners in the energy and power industry globally. At CJM Management Consultancy we ensure to make constant innovation our priority and your business interest our precedence. Because, when YOU grow – we grow CJM Management Consultancy is a special purpose vehicle setup in the Emirate of Dubai to answer the real business challenges through innovative thinking and deep industry knowledge in Energy and Power Sector. Our stalwarts are individuals – with 25+ years of knowledge bank and powerhouse of cutting-edge business solutions. We serve across borders - ranging from Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia with a diverse business portfolio of power production and conventional fuel including HSFP, Diesel, Gas, Coal and New Booms including Solar, Wind and Hydro.


In Modern day business ecosystem, corporations need to constantly reinvent themselves. At CJM Management Consultancy we follow an innovation-led approach to "imagine and re-invent" future possibilities. We act as a catalyst - we combine our capabilities to invent, develop, and deliver disruptive innovations, and to expand and scale them faster with our well crafted solution architecture. We - help you shape the future at the intersection of business and technology, help you transform your businesses through industry expertise and insights and bring the right kind and amount of talent essential to support your global growth.

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